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At NOUN, we value messaging impact as more than "clicks." ​We factor hearts and minds into the equation. Discover how ​we support education and your awareness goals via a range ​of resources designed to stand out and to make a difference.

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How NOUN Works

In partnership with educators, students and members of our learning ​collaborative, we produce freely accessible:

  • Online interviews with industry experts led by students.
  • Up-to-date industry news from press releases adapted to a 4th-grade level.
  • Projects and activities from topics students discover during interviews.
The Student led Interview

NOUN provides students opportunity to interview their heroes, industry ​experts, and community members. Their discoveries are shared online with ​other students, educators and parents. This engagement offers an incredible ​learning experience for students and guests alike and it is as simple as...




The Learning Focused Press Release

NOUN provides a ​unique opportunity to ​present company ​narrative in a ​distinctive and ​impactful manner via ​reading-level adapted ​news shared with an ​engaged and ​enthusiastic audience.

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Learning from Nature Did you know that we can learn a lot from nature to make new and better technology For example the archerfish can shoot water to catch insects and lotus leaves stay clean because of their special surfaces By copying these amazing tricks from nature we can solve problems and make our world better We can create new ways to move build things hold objects sense the environment and even make machines that act like living things Let s explore how these ideas from nature are helping us build a sustainable future
Air Space News

NOUN produced news is ​distributed via:

  • Air & Space Newsfeed
  • learning collaborative websites
  • affiliated school sites
  • Vimeo
  • LinkedIn posts and NOUN’s ​LinkedIn newsletter
  • affiliated broadcast/streaming ​media aka “space stations”
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