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Welcome. We’re glad you’re here. Take a look at what we offer ​innovative companies like yours.

Working with members of our learning collaborative and others, NOUN produces ​educational media from:

  1. Online interview sessions with air and space industry experts led by students in ​the classroom.
  2. Press releases re-crafted to a 4th-grade reading level.
  3. Projects and activities from topics students discover during their interviews.

Current participants include

Flying Tails



Jump Aero


Breaking Down Barriers

Kall Morris



How NOUN Works




The engagement provides an amazing learning opportunity for students and brings their unique perspective to the forefront for the guests
NOUN helps students interview their heroes industry experts and members of the community then shares the story with the world

NOUN distributes our interviews and ​air and space news via:

Excluding LinkedIn we refrain from posting our content on social media platforms designed for users aged 13 such as YouTube Facebook Instagram X and TikTok

We invite aerospace companies that recognize the benefit of inspiring students ​as well the value of sharing stories in a unique communication channel, to apply ​to join the Air & Space Learning Collaborative.

Connect with a NOUN representative - info at - and discover ​how you can share your company's narrative in a distinctive and impactful ​manner with an enthusiastic audience!

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