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Wanna know what Crestview ​Elementary students designed ​for KMI, an aerospace company ​located in Michigan?

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Jump Aero wants to help first ​responders get to emergencies quickly. ​They're developing special planes - ​known as eVTOLs - that can take off and ​land vertically and fly really fast.

Jump Aero’s eVTOLs will be like ​superheroes for people living in the ​country, because they'll cut in half the ​time it takes for help to arrive in an ​emergency.

They Passed The Test

Sierra Space, a big space company, ​shared some exciting news! Their ​special spaceplane called Dream ​Chaser Tenacity® has passed some ​really tough tests at NASA’s Neil ​Armstrong Test Facility in Ohio.

Dream Chaser Tenacity and its ​cargo friend, Shooting Star®, are ​getting ready to move to NASA’s ​Kennedy Space Center in Florida. ​There, they will get ready for their ​first big trip into space later this year.

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A few of the ​schools we work ​with to create ​NOUN content.

Crestview ​Elementary

McKinley School

Prestwood ​Elementary

Sassarini ​Elementary

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Space History

On May 15th, 1963, NASA astronaut L. Gordon ​Cooper launched from Launch Complex 14 in Cape ​Canaveral, Florida, on the Faith 7 spacecraft. This ​was the last of the Mercury missions.

More than sixty years later, Stoke Space will use ​the same launch pad for their Nova rocket.

Stoke Space Co-founder and CEO, Andy Lapsa, said, ​“The opportunity to reactivate this site is a ​profound responsibility that our entire team holds ​in the highest regard.”

Hear Andy s advice for aspiring aerospace students
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Imagine you're planning a big trip to the Moon. Well, just like we have time ​standards here on Earth, we need to make sure we have the right time standards ​for space travel too! Here's what the United States and it’s partners are planning:

1. Setting Time Standards: making sure when people travel to the Moon, they have their own special ​time to follow. This time needs to be super accurate and work even if they lose contact with Earth.

2. What's the Big Deal? Well, when we go to the Moon or other places in space, we need to know ​what time it is for lots of reasons. It helps us navigate and communicate better with each other!

3. Why Does Time Act Funny in Space? Because of something called relativity, time can be a little ​wonky in different places. For example, a clock on the Moon might track time a bit differently than ​one on Earth.

4. Making Space Travel Safer: Having the right time standards helps to keep track of minutes and ​seconds and make sure space travelers stay safe and can do their jobs correctly.

So, those are a few of the reasons scientists are working hard to figure out the best way to keep track ​of time in space!

Moon Time

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Satellite Trash Talk

A company in Japan called Astroscale shared some exciting news about their ​special satellite called ADRAS-J! It got close to a piece of space junk, which is like ​garbage floating in space, but it did it safely and in a controlled way.

The ADRAS-J team in Japan and the UK ​planned everything carefully, and their ​satellite moved closer and closer to the ​space junk using special techniques and ​cameras. The satellite took a picture of the ​space junk, which was an old rocket part.

This is a big deal because it's the first time ​anyone has snapped a picture of space ​junk. This information will help Astroscale ​and others - KMI for example - learn how ​to clean up space!

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